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Through Great Minds I provide proven mental health and wellbeing solutions to organisations. Each course is designed to help your business increase productivity, reduce absenteeism and improve overall health, performance and resilience of your employees.

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Receive free wellbeing tips in your inbox every week for a year. Each tip is based on my work with organisations to provide proven mental health and wellbeing solutions. They are designed to help you increase your productivity, health, creativity and resilience.

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Mental health & wellbeing training

Mental health & wellbeing training

Whether your workforce has unmanageable levels of stress, individuals that require skills to help support others emotionally, or is simply in need of some effective wellbeing tips, Great Minds can help you.

Tangible business benefits

Tangible business benefits

The training we deliver increases productivity, reduces absence, reduces staff turnover, and helps create an open healthy and happy workforce.

Positive training experience

Positive training experience

You will leave our training full of new ideas and information that you can implement straight away. Our training is motivating, engaging and fun delivered in an interactive way through a variety of activities and group discussions.

Develop your wellbeing strategy

Develop your wellbeing strategy

Great Minds can look at the health and wellbeing of your organisation as a whole and build, develop and implement a wellbeing strategy to fit your needs.

Highly experienced trainer

Highly experienced trainer

You can expect to be in the safe hands of a trainer with many years’ experience in delivering wellbeing training, alongside extensive corporate experience, and an inspiring personal journey.

Safe environment

Safe environment

Your comfort and safety are paramount when attending our courses. We are experts in creating a safe and confidential environment to help facilitate learning.

Our customers

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Our range of courses

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Managing the Mental Health of your Team

This course explores how to manage your mental health in the workplace and provide effective intervention to support your team and colleagues.  It identifies the signs and symptoms of common mental health issues, and uncovers the legal implications an employer has to support its workforce, and how to manage conversations and absences due to mental ill health.

Managing stress during the Covid-19 crisis course illustration

Lets Talk Race! (New)

This course provides an incredible insight to race, racial diversity and the impact of racism, prejudice and racial bias has in the workplace and society. It identifies the four types of racism and explores the impact this can have on mental health. It covers how to approach and start a conversation around race, and the most appropriate language to use. The session is concluded by providing you with the tools to become a better anti-racism ally.

Stress management course illustration

Stress Management

This workshop explores the harmful long-term effects of stress on our mental and physical health and provides strategies and tools for managing individual stressors more effectively. It defines what stress is, and how it can play out in our personal lives and in the workplace

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Unconscious Bias Training

This course uncovers what unconscious bias is, and why it occurs. It identifies the many types of bias that can show up at work, including affinity bias and gender bias, and the negative impact this has in the workplace. It provides strategies to address it, and tools to measure the progress.

Mental health awareness course illustration

Mental Health Awareness

This course introduces the importance of mental health, and identifies the signs and symptoms of mental health issues such as Anxiety, Depression and Psychosis in the workplace. It explores the importance of managing your mental health, and uncovers strategies to help manage it effectively.

Emotional intelligence & resilience course illustration

Emotional Intelligence & Resilience

Our resilience training and provides practical strategies, tactics and tools to improve mental, emotional and physical resilience in leaders, managers and teams. It explores the six characteristics of resilience, and shares the tools needed to help build and maintain high resilience, to help manage stress and increase effectiveness in the workplace

Mental Health First Aid Training

Managing stress during the

Become a Mental Health First Aider in your organisation

As an accredited MHFA England Instructor and trusted Associate (one of the highest ranking with MHFA) Yohan can offer the three official courses that will enable you to spot the triggers and signs of a range of mental health issues, it gives you the confidence to step in, reassure and support a person in distress, and the knowledge to help someone recover their health by guiding them to further support.

  1. MHFA Champion — 1 Day course
  2. Mental Health First Aider — 2 Day course
  3. MHFA Refresher — 4 Hour course
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What our customers think

“Yohan delivered one of the best pieces of training I have attended. He helped create an environment where we shared some very personal experiences and feel safe in doing it, this was a challenging but extremely rewarding experience.”

Paul Phythian, Head of BPO UKI, IBM

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