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Through Great Minds I provide proven mental health and wellbeing solutions to organisations. Each course is designed to help your business increase productivity, reduce absenteeism and improve overall health, performance and resilience of your employees.

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Mental health & wellbeing training

Mental health & wellbeing training

Whether your workforce has unmanageable levels of stress, individuals that require skills to help support others emotionally, or is simply in need of some effective wellbeing tips, Great Minds can help you.

Tangible business benefits

Tangible business benefits

The training we deliver increases productivity, reduces absence, reduces staff turnover, and helps create an open healthy and happy workforce.

Positive training experience

Positive training experience

You will leave our training full of new ideas and information that you can implement straight away. Our training is motivating, engaging and fun delivered in an interactive way through a variety of activities and group discussions.

Develop your wellbeing strategy

Develop your wellbeing strategy

Great Minds can look at the health and wellbeing of your organisation as a whole and build, develop and implement a wellbeing strategy to fit your needs.

Highly experienced trainer

Highly experienced trainer

You can expect to be in the safe hands of a trainer with many years’ experience in delivering wellbeing training, alongside extensive corporate experience, and an inspiring personal journey.

Safe environment

Safe environment

Your comfort and safety are paramount when attending our courses. We are experts in creating a safe and confidential environment to help facilitate learning.

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Our range of courses

Managing mental health for managers course illustration

Managing the Mental Health of your Team

Unlock the secrets to managing mental health in the workplace and empowering your team. Gain insights into identifying signs of common mental health issues, navigate legal responsibilities, and learn effective strategies for supporting your colleagues. Elevate your leadership by fostering a mentally healthy environment where everyone can thrive.

Throughout this course, you will:

✅Enhance Leadership Skills: Support your team's mental health while fostering trust and open communication.
✅Ensure Legal Compliance: Navigate mental health laws to ensure compliance and reduce risk.
✅Develop Early Intervention Skills: Identify signs of mental health issues to offer timely support.
✅Master Communication Techniques: Initiate and manage mental health discussions for a supportive team environment.
✅Utilise Practical Tools: Implement tailored resources like the Wellness Action Plan for effective management

.Who is this course aimed at:      
Managers, leaders, HR

Managing stress during the Covid-19 crisis course illustration

Lets Talk Race! (New)

Embark on a transformative journey into race, diversity, and the profound impact of racism in our society and workplaces. Gain invaluable insights into the different forms of racism and their effects on mental health. Learn how to initiate crucial conversations about race, navigate language sensitively, and become a proactive anti-racism ally. Unleash the power to drive positive change and create a more inclusive and equitable world for all.

Benefits for Attendees:

✅Increased Awareness: Develop a deeper understanding of race-related issues for navigating conversations sensitively.
✅Improved Communication: Learn to initiate discussions about race, fostering a supportive dialogue environment.
✅Actionable Strategies: Acquire tools to drive positive change as a proactive anti-racism ally.
✅Informed Decision-Making: Explore racism facts and statistics for informed advocacy.
✅Enhanced Workplace Culture: Address racial disparities to foster an inclusive culture benefiting all.

Who is this course aimed at:      
Diversity & inclusion leads / anti-racism allies / leaders / managers / HR / all team members

Stress management course illustration

Stress Empowerment Workshop

Discover the transformative impact of stress management in our workshop. Uncover the insidious effects of stress on mental and physical well-being, equipped with powerful strategies to conquer individual stressors. Gain clarity on stress dynamics, empowering personal and professional resilience.

Benefit for Attendees

✅Revitalised Wellbeing: Gain insights into stress's long-term effects, revitalising overall health.
✅Enhanced Productivity: Distinguish pressure from stress, enhancing performance.
✅Increased Self-awareness: Understand stress signs, empowering proactive management.
✅Personalised Solutions: Identify unique stress triggers, fostering resilience.
✅Workplace Optimisation: Address top 10 stressors, cultivating a productive environment.
✅Actionable Techniques: Implement proven stress management tools for thriving in any situation.

Who is this course aimed at:      
All team members

Starting and managing the conversation course illustration

The Power of Unconscious Bias

Delve into the complexities of unconscious bias to understand its origins and manifestations in the workplace. Explore various biases such as affinity and gender bias, uncovering their detrimental effects. Gain practical strategies to mitigate bias and tools for measuring progress towards a more inclusive work environment.

Benefits for Attendees:

✅Heightened Awareness: Recognize and address unconscious biases with sensitivity and discernment.
✅Enhanced Communication: Foster openness and understanding with effective communication strategies.
✅Practical Strategies: Mitigate bias in recruitment, evaluations, and daily interactions for inclusivity.
✅Informed Decision-Making: Make equitable decisions promoting diversity and inclusion.
✅Cultural Transformation: Cultivate a culture of awareness, empathy, and collaboration.

Who is this course aimed at:      
Diversity & inclusion leads / anti-racism allies / leaders / managers / HR / all team members

Mental health awareness course illustration

Mental Health Awareness

Discover the critical significance of mental health in the workplace, identifying signs and symptoms of common issues like Anxiety, Depression, and Psychosis. Uncover vital strategies to effectively manage mental health, ensuring personal well-being and fostering a thriving work environment.

Benefits for Attendees:·       

✅Increased Awareness: Develop a deeper understanding of mental health issues, enabling you to identify signs and symptoms early on and take proactive steps towards support and intervention.·       
✅Enhanced Wellbeing: Learn practical stress management techniques and resilience-building strategies to navigate challenges with resilience and maintain optimal mental wellbeing.·       
✅Improved Communication: Hone your active listening skills, fostering open and supportive dialogue around mental health within your team and organisation.·       
✅Reduced Stigma: Combat stigma and discrimination associated with mental health conditions, creating a more inclusive and supportive work environment.

Who is this course aimed at:      
All team members

Emotional intelligence & resilience course illustration

Resilience Mastery

Embark on a transformative journey with our resilience training, empowering leaders, managers, and teams to enhance mental, emotional, and physical resilience. Explore the five characteristics of resilience through our innovative 5 Pillars of Resilience model, and equip yourself with essential tools to cultivate and sustain high resilience levels. Manage stress effectively and boost workplace effectiveness with newfound resilience skills.

Benefits for Attendees:

✅Enhanced Performance: Align actions with purpose, boost emotional intelligence, and prioritize self-care for improved productivity.
✅Stress Mastery: Access tailored techniques for navigating challenges with resilience, even in high-pressure situations.
✅Effective Tools: Leverage the 'Circle of Influence' for efficient outcomes.
Team Dynamics: Equip teams with resilience skills, fostering a supportive culture.
✅Personal Growth: Invest in development for enhanced wellbeing.
✅Organisational Resilience: Strengthen the organisation, navigating challenges and sustaining performance

Who is this course aimed at:      
All team members


Mental Health First Aid Training

Managing stress during the

Become a Mental Health First Aider in your organisation

Empower your workplace with these official and accredited Mental Health First Aid training courses. Gain essential skills to recognise and support mental health issues in the workplace. With practical tools and confidence, create a supportive environment that nurtures well-being and boosts productivity.

Benefits of Attending Mental Health First Aid Training:

✅Enhanced Understanding: Gain insights into mental health and its impact on well-being.
✅Practical Skills: Acquire tools to recognize triggers and signs of mental health issues.
✅Confidence Boost: Feel empowered to intervene and support colleagues effectively.
✅Access to MHFAider Support App®: Enjoy three years of 24/7 digital support.
✅Exclusive Resources: Access to additional materials and ongoing learning opportunities.
✅Join a Community:
Become part of England's largest community of trained MHFAiders, fostering support and collaboration.

  1. MHFA Champion — 1 Day course
  2. Mental Health First Aider — 2 Day course
  3. MHFA Refresher — 4 Hour course
1 Day Course PDF2 Day Course PDF

What our customers think

“Yohan delivered one of the best pieces of training I have attended. He helped create an environment where we shared some very personal experiences and feel safe in doing it, this was a challenging but extremely rewarding experience.”

Paul Phythian, Head of BPO UKI, IBM

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